Sigma Sixth Tendring Course Guide

BTEC LEVEL 3 DIGITAL GAMES PRODUCTION “A designer knows they have achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing to take away” Antoine de Saint-Exupery The games industry is an expanding and challenging sector with continually evolving ideas and cutting- edge technologies. It requires practitioners to exercise more flexibility in software specifications and functionality, through adapting their approaches to design and management while keeping abreast of broad changes to technology. The Digital Games Production Extended Certificate is a vocational qualification taken over two years which is equivalent to a single A Level. The aim of this exciting and engaging course is to develop the skills of those students who specifically want to work towards a career in the gaming industry – sometimes known as the Interactive Entertainment Industry. It will develop skills in game concept design, developing coding knowledge and construction of interactive games. The course will also develop critical thinking skills and knowledge of the gaming industry. CURRICULUM STATEMENT • Produce different games with comprehensive planning documents. • Produce reports related to the gaming and entertainment industry. • Participate in group and independent work. • Develop analytical skills and an awareness of contemporary issues, including equality and diversity. • Develop transferable skills such as creative thinking, literacy and numeracy. One externally assessed unit. All other units are coursework based and assessed internally. COURSE CONTENT Students need to have achieved a minimum of 4 grades 4-9 incl. English and maths and a 4/Pass in an IT related subject. ENTRY CRITERIA