Sigma Sixth Tendring Course Guide

BTEC LEVEL 3 APPLIED SPORT “When there is effort, attitude and desire, nothing is impossible.” Lionel Messi Studyingsport ignitespassionandbuildscharacterbydevelopingresilience, confidence, andteamwork. It develops a lifelong interest in sport and physical activity, and provides students with the knowledge required to make informed life choices. Studentsgainan insight intothe importanceof physical fitnessandhowphysical activitycanstrengthen an individual psychologically. Learning about champions, what makes them the athletes they are and how they develop. Students can select this subject as a double qualification (2 A Level equivalent) or a triple qualification (3 A Level equivalent). There is a range of delivery methods, and assessment styles to suit all learners, and taught in an engaging way that makes students thrive and aspire to the top. CURRICULUM STATEMENT • An understanding of anatomy & physiology, how the body works and responds to exercise. • Assess health and lifestyle and provide recommendations to improve. • Develop an understanding of how to professionally develop in the sport and leisure industry. • Deliver practical sport sessions and assess leadership credentials. • Deliver fitness tests, assess a performer’s physical performance. • An understanding of sport psychology and how it affects elite level performers. • Understand the role that business plays in sport. • The range of injuries that occur and sport injury management. • How skills are acquired and developed. • Practical sport performance. • How sport plays a role in wider society. COURSE CONTENT Students need to have achieved a minimumof 4 grades 4-9 incl. English andmaths. A minimum of a merit at Level 2 Applied Sport is desired or a grade 4 at GCSE PE. ENTRY CRITERIA