Sigma Sixth Tendring Course Guide

A LEVEL FINE ART “Art should be something that liberates your soul, provokes the imagination and encourages people to go further” Keith Haring Art provides a means to express the imagination and when we create it, we develop our ability to problem solve and open our minds to new ideas. Mistakes are often made but new ideas evolve and resilience grows. Creativity is essential in developing the next generation of artists, designers and engineers who will leave behind a legacy that is inspirational. Studying fine art at Sigma Sixth gives students the opportunity to develop their creativity, self- expression, independence and reflective thinking, enabling them to flourish and develop into well- rounded, independent practitioners. Passions and personal interests will be explored and students will have the opportunity to develop their experiences and knowledge of materials, practices and technologies in a variety of fine art disciplines. CURRICULUM STATEMENT • We follow the AQA A Level Specification. • The emphasis of the first year is underpinned by core fine art skills, achieved through experimentation and exploration of a broad range of materials, techniques and processes. This will result in an extended exploratory portfolio. • The emphasis for the second year will be a focused and in-depth personal investigation. The emphasis is on depth of study and refinement of ideas, which will include an extended written content of 1000 words. • Coursework 60%; Exam 40% (15-hour practical exam). COURSE CONTENT Students need to have achieved a minimum of 6 grades 5-9 incl. English and maths and should be aiming to achieve a minimum grade 6 or equivalent in an art related subject. ENTRY CRITERIA