Sigma Sixth Tendring Course Guide

A LEVEL ECONOMICS “Economics is (almost) about life, the universe and everything” Ha-Joon Chang Many of the problems which dominate our newspaper headlines are economic problems. Questions like, why do some people earn so much more than others, and what are the best ways to tackle and reduce poverty? Is it possible to pursue economic growth and still protect our natural and physical environments? The art of the economist is to blend together theory, data and statistical techniques to arrive at a new understanding of economic problems or to make policy recommendations which hopefully will improve the welfare and living standards of our society. This course will suit students who have a good understanding of Mathematics and a high standard of English. The course looks at bothMicro andMacro Economics and allows students to critically explore a range of economic issues, drawing on data from local, national and international sources as well as developing analytical and debating skills. Some of the topics covered over the two-years include individual economic decision making, the labour market, the distribution of income and wealth, market failure and government intervention. The subject content is largely topical and this makes it necessary for students to consult a wide variety of media sources such as newspapers, television and the Internet. CURRICULUM STATEMENT We follow the AQA course, and it is 100% based on three examination papers at the end of year 13. COURSE CONTENT Students need to have achieved a minimum of 6 grades 5-9 incl. English and maths. ENTRY CRITERIA