Sigma Sixth Tendring Course Guide

A LEVEL DRAMA AND THEATRE STUDIES “The mission of theatre, after all, is to change, to raise the consciousness of people to their human possibilities.” Arthur Miller This course provides the opportunity to study an ambitious and exciting curriculum which is rich in skills and knowledge as well as ranging in various theatre styles. Students are encouraged to become excellent collaborators, independent thinkers andhave theopportunity to createoriginal performance work, whilst also developing an appreciation for the work of both peers and professionals. The course will allow for exposure to live theatre and explore an abundance of social, cultural and political themes and ideas. Throughout the course students will study a variety of texts to encourage them to delve into the world of theatre, challenge knowledge and understanding of life in the wider world. Students studying drama at Sigma Sixth can expect to develop many transferable skills including; creativity and imagination, collaboration, self-discipline, teamwork, negotiation, analytical thinking, problem solving, confidence, resilience and of course the ability to perform, all invaluable in the world of work when considering any future career path. CURRICULUM STATEMENT Throughout the two years students will: • Collaboratively devise an original performance in response to a given stimulus. • Explore influencing theatre practitioners. • Rehearse effectively and perform to live audiences. • Perform a monologue and group play performance to a visiting examiner. • Study both contemporary and classical texts practically as well as theoretically; taking on the role of performer, designer, director and theatre critic. • Watch and review live theatre. COURSE CONTENT Students need to have achieved a minimumof 6 grades 5-9 incl. English andmaths. A minimum of a grade 6 or distinction in a performance subject is desirable. ENTRY CRITERIA