Sutton Academy Prospectus

Your Journey Begins Here As Principal, I am delighted and proud to welcome you to The Sutton Academy. I appreciate that choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever have to make and I hope this prospectus will give you an insight into some of the opportunities available to your child at The Sutton Academy. I have a clear vision for all students in our academy to achieve their best academically, whilst nurturing their talents and passions. We are aspirational for our students and see it as our duty to ensure that all our students have the best life chances possible and eventually leave the academy well prepared to take their place in the world as confident and responsible adults who are empowered to make real choices in their lives. Many of our students come from good and outstanding primary schools where they have already shown high levels of achievement. It is for us to build on this progress and ensure that at the end of Key Stage 4, and then again at the end of Key Stage 5, that they reach their full academic potential. This will only happen where academic rigour is balanced with excellent care, guidance and support in the context of an enriched educational experience. I believe that we offer this and can provide all students with the opportunity to thrive. We encourage visits to our academy - you do not have to wait for Open Evening or Open Morning. Come and see The Sutton Academy in action; we will be delighted to show you around on a normal working day. You will see that our students benefit from a modern learning environment with outstanding facilities. This helps to create a vibrant and positive learning community which is friendly, caring and determined. Simply contact the academy and appropriate arrangements will be made for either myself, or one of my senior staff, to welcome you and answer any questions you may have. Experience for yourself the calm and purposeful atmosphere where students work hard and as Ofsted recognised all feel safe. Alison Sherman Principal