Leesons Primary School Prospectus 2017

Leesons Primary School Leesons Hill St Paul’s Cray Orpington Kent BR5 2GA Tel: 01689 602786 Email: admin@leesons.bromley.sch.uk Web: www.leesons.bromley.sch.uk Our Vision, Mission andAims Here at Leesons our Motto is: Happy to Learn, Proud to Succeed! OUR VISION IS FOR LEESONS PRIMARY SCHOOL TO INSPIRE, CHALLENGE AND NURTURE THE INDIVIDUALITY OF THE NEXT GENERATION. WE AIM TO PREPARE PUPILS FOR ALL STAGES OF THEIR EDUCATION AS WELL AS EQUIP THEM WITH HIGH ASPIRATIONS FOR THEIR FUTURE LIFELONG LEARNING. Mission Statement In partnership with parents/carers, our aim is to educate children who: • Grow and develop their skills, knowledge, self-esteem and resilience in the face of challenge; • Develop a thirst for learning, maintaining self-belief and inspiration to progress through the educational system; • Listen and communicate well and show an appreciation of diversity; • Understand that perseverance is the key to unlocking new challenges; • Take responsibility for their own actions and work collaboratively. We aim to be a centre for truly excellent teachers, where quality leadership is extended to professionals in other schools and where members of staff are committed to their own learning journey and the sharing of quality practice. Our Ethos Leesons Primary School enables everyone to be proud of their achievements by: • Encouraging everyone to do their very best. • Developing a thirst of learning inspired by quality teaching. • Believing that through effort, dedication and commitment, anything can be achieved. • Building and developing upon individual strengths and talents. Leesons Primary School allows everyone to participate by: • Providing a welcoming, safe, happy school where everyone is respected and listened to; a school where we take pride in ourselves and our achievements, enabling children to become confident and successful learners. • Working in partnership with our parents and carers Leesons Primary School encourages everyone to excel by: • Striving for the highest possible standards of achievement and behaviour in a stimulating environment. • Valuing independence, developing a deeper level of learning and providing a curriculum which enables our pupils to become active citizens of the future. November 2017