Basildon Academies - Bronze Level Anti-Bullying Accreditation Report

7 REVIEW_ We have seen a huge commitment from the Basildon Academy Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and staff alike, over the past few months. We have been really impressed with the dedication to the campaign and their clear understanding of what peer-led support, prevention and intervention should look like in their school. Well done to all involved and keep up the incredible commitment to Anti-Bullying work next academic year. Eleanor Marsea (on behalf of Harry Bennett), Aftercare & Accreditation Coordinator The Diana Award It is clear that youth voice has been implemented really well at Basildon Academies across all the areas for accreditation: Ambassadors, Staff and Whole School. The development and use both of a Student Charter and Intervention Procedure that has been designed and agreed by the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors shows youth empowerment and application to benefit the whole school. Staff have been involved in all aspects of meetings, planning and supporting the execution of the work the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors wish to implement. It has also been good to see the actions being planned by the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors involving other departments from the school: art for logo design and english for composing a motto. Particular strengths to note from the campaign work have been addressing racism and cyber bullying. I note that there have been plans to address LGBT work in further detail and I look forward to seeing this come into fruition. One unique development has been the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors work in discussing what respect and resilience means and it is clear that this comes from the young people. Good luck in the next steps of your campaign work! Paul Hanmore, Training Manager The Diana Award