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Science, Music, PE, RE, PSHCE
and French (Years 3 & 4) are
taught as separate subjects.
The remaining subjects (Geogra-
phy, History, Art, Design Technology
and ICT) are taught through a the-
matic approach. A specialist
teacher teaches music at Key
Stage 2
We encourage all our children to
reach their full potential. We
achieve this through individual tar-
get setting and close monitoring of
progress. We recognise and re-
ward success and set high stan-
dards in order that our children
should become good citizens of
the future.
Excellent Teaching lies at the
heart of our school. We have a
dedicated and committed team of
Turvey Lower School offers a full
and balanced curriculum for all our
pupils, focusing on basic skills
while broadening our children’s un-
derstanding and experience
through a wide range of additional
activities delivered both by our
teaching staff and external organi-
sations. The facilities available to
our pupils, combined with small
class sizes, helps to provide them
with a full and varied curriculum
that is tailored to children of all
abilities and aptitudes, including
those with special educational
needs. Literacy and Numeracy are
taught daily for a minimum of 1
hour. We follow the Sounds Write
phonics programme and for this
the children are divided into 6
groups for a 25-minute phonics
session 4 times a week.
Teaching and Learning
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