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Pupil voice is very important to us at
Turvey Lower School. Our ‘School Coun-
cil’ is made up of ten children from
across the school. These children are
elected as representatives of their
class and attend fortnightly meetings to
discuss relevant matters of interest
concerning school organisation and de-
velopment. The School Council is ac-
tively involved in decision making within
the school and regularly conducts sur-
veys to gather views and opinions from
their peers.
Any child in the school may put forward
a suggestion to the School Council by
simply posting a note into the ‘sugges-
tion box’ located in each classroom. A
response will be made by the School
Council either personally or during one
of our school assemblies.
The aim of the School Council is to de-
velop an awareness of citizenship and
involve all our children, to some extent,
in the running of the school.
School Council
‘Pupil’s extremely positive attitudes and outstanding be-
haviour make a significant contribution to their successful
Ofsted 2013
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