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Each child has their own class
teacher who provides support,
guidance and encouragement, and
who may be approached at any
time by pupils or parents.
Finally, we believe passionately
that the best pastoral care ex-
tends beyond the school gates. We
hold regular information evenings
for our parents which cover the dif-
ferent issues that may face our
children and their families.
Visitors to Turvey Lower School al-
ways comment on the genuine
warmth exuded by pupils and staff
alike. With around 80 pupils from
age 4 to 9, every pupil is known
and valued as an individual and
has a strong sense of belonging.
In an atmosphere of mutual re-
spect we encourage our pupils to
support each other in all aspects
of school life and thereby to push
themselves beyond their natural
boundaries. Whatever their age, we
believe that children achieve their
best when they feel happy, safe
and secure. Our large playing
fields provide plenty of opportunity
for freedom and exploration while
still providing the safety that chil-
dren need and parents expect.
Even the youngest children have
plenty of space in safe and stimu-
lating environments to build strong
relationships through work and
We have a clear code of conduct
for each stage of the school and
all pupils are expected to abide by
On a more personal level, our staff
ensure that each child is closely
mentored through our excellent
pastoral system.
Pastoral Care
“Pastoral care is a great strength. My child has
flourished and has really enjoyed all aspects of
their education.’
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