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The picturesque village of Turvey
is almost directly on the midway
point between Bedford, Milton
Keynes and Northampton. The
Buckinghamshire border is on the
edge of our village and the
Northamptonshire border four miles
further up the A428. Turvey Lower
School was opened on 9th Sep-
tember 1981 and replaced the old
school, originally founded in the
19th Century and situated in the
High Street.
The school itself is situated in a
quiet part of the village, away from
the main road. The grounds are
spacious and well maintained, and
are overlooked by the village allot-
ments and the recreation field.
There are many shrubs and trees
in the school grounds and a nature
area, complete with covered pond.
There is also an environmental
area, a shaded sitting area with
picnic benches and a large playing
The school is part of the North
Bedfordshire three-tier education
system. Children start at Turvey
Lower School in the September of
the academic year in which they
turn five. They then spend five
years with us at Turvey Lower
School – Early Years/Reception
followed by Years 1, 2, 3 and 4.
The large majority then choose to
move on to Harrold Priory Middle
School after Year 4 (age 9) and
then to Sharnbrook Upper School
after Year 8 (age 13).
Strong links exist between our-
selves and Turvey pre-school
along with other nursery and pre-
school providers. Similar links exist
between all the schools in the
Sharnbrook cluster, allowing us to
share expertise and experience.
Close liaison between ourselves
and the local middle schools en-
sures that the children transfer
with the minimum of worry.
Our Village Community
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