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At Turvey Lower school we are
committed to providing a vibrant
and stimulating sport curriculum.
P.E. plays an important role in de-
veloping a child’s physical compe-
tence and their overall confidence.
It provides opportunities for cre-
ativity, challenge and competition,
as well as promoting a positive at-
titude towards healthy living. Our
pupils are given opportunities to
improve their knowledge, skills and
understanding of a wide range of
activities in different and challeng-
ing environments. Through sport
the children also develop respect
and resilience as well as a sense
of fairness and co-operation.
We understand and value the ben-
efits of high quality Sport and PE.
All pupils at Turvey Lower School
enjoy 2 hours of PE each week
and are taught gymnastics, dance
and games.
The children learn how to move
with discipline and explore what
their bodies can do. Using appara-
tus we help the children to develop
confidence as they learn co-ordi-
nation, whether it is throwing,
catching, rolling or climbing. Indi-
vidual expression is encouraged
through movement and dance. The
school benefits from having exten-
sive outdoor space which is fully
utilised for sporting activities.
The school works closely with out-
side agencies and provides a vari-
ety of specialist coaches to
enhance the children’s skills. This
includes outdoor adventure activi-
ties and dodge ball.
Turvey Lower school children also
partake in swimming lessons from
Year 2 upwards. This is a valuable
life skill and we are proud that all
children leave Turvey Lower School
having developed water confi-
Key stage 1 and 2 children regu-
larly meet with other schools for
matches and tournaments which
include football, unihoc and athlet-
The children (and parents!) look
forward to our annual sports after-
noon in the Summer Term. All
pupils participate and enjoy com-
peting in their houses for the Tur-
vey Lower Sports Trophy.
Healthy living week is an exciting
annual event where the children
are able to take part in a range of
taster activities, such as Tae Kwon
Do, Zumba, yoga and cricket. We
recognise the part that fitness
plays in living a healthier and pro-
ductive life and aim to develop a
lifelong love of sport in all of our
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