December 2017 Newsletter

Dear Parents, Carers, Staff and Governors, It’s been another exciting and very busy term at King’s Academy Ringmer. The students continue to work hard, contribute to the school and wider community and generally make us very proud. Year 11s have been working tirelessly preparing for and sitting their mock examinations. Their focus in the classroom and dedication to their studies is commendable. Year 10 have made a successful start to their GCSE subjects and are making strong progress. For year 9, it’s been a term of reflection as they think about their future and academic achievements to inform their GCSE option choices. Year 8 continue to work hard and contribute to the life of the school both academically and through their involvement in extra-curricular activities. Having successfully made the transition from primary to secondary school, year 7 are now well settled into school life and taking full advantage of all the opportunities on offer here at King’s Academy Ringmer. The extra-curricular life of the school continues to flourish. This term saw the introduction of a school debating club run by Ms Hunnisett and they have already tasted success in a competition. The PE department’s school teams have had another excellent run of wins – more on this later in the newsletter. We have also welcomed a number of visitors to King’s Academy Ringmer to work with our students on extra- curricular projects and share their expertise – we had the poet Brian Moses visit to run a poetry workshop and some year 11s took part in a creative writing workshop run by university lecturers and undergraduate students. We said a final good bye to last year’s year 11 at our GCSE Presentation Evening; this was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate their exam success again and we were also lucky enough to welcome back Dan Keeley who delivered an inspirational speech. We very much look forward to continuing to work with Dan over the next year and supporting the work he does around raising awareness of mental health issues. Celebrating success is an integral part of what we do here and we have just celebrated the students’ success in our Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 Achievement Assemblies; this was a chance for us to reward students for their effort day in and day out at school and show case some of the outstanding work that goes on. I wish you all a safe and relaxing break over the festive period and a happy and healthy 2018. Matt Hillier principal EX-STUDENT BLUEBELL NICHOLLS PLAYS AT TWICKENHAM! - PAGE 20 DAVID DIMBLEBY PRESENTS AWARD AT ART EXHIBITION - PAGE 5 CAROLS BY CANDLELIGHT COMMUNITY CONCERT - PAGE 10 LOCAL HERO DAN KEELEY COMES BACK TO RINGMER - PAGE 2 MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL NEW STUDENT LEADERS December 2017 Ringmer Newsletter A R T I C L E S I N T H I S I S S U E Head Boy Chris Whitehead Head Girl Bay Street Deputy Head Student Rachel Richards