King's School Prospectus - page 7

C r e a t i v e A r t s
Art and Design are firmly embedded in the school’s curriculum
and extra-curricular activities. The art department provides
specialist accommodation for a full range of art from
printmaking to sculpture, painting to computer graphics.
Student’s artwork is widely displayed around the school
throughout the year and special exhibitions are mounted of
GCSE and A level work. The extra-curricular programme
includes day visits to London and provincial galleries and
longer cultural trips to European cities.
The design technology department gives students the opportunity to develop
their practical understanding of materials and processes. The facilities enable
work in food, plastic, metals and wood, and the wide range of machinery
available allows a commercial approach to design. The curriculum places
a large emphasis on design-and-make and encourages students to develop
original, high quality outcomes.
Our drama productions are renowned for their quality and professionalism.
The boys are given a wide range of opportunities as it is recognised that in
taking part in a production, whether as actors, writers, directors, musicians
or technicians, they are potentially gaining invaluable life skills.
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