King's School Prospectus - page 10

There is a very strong tradition of sporting excellence at King’s. PE and Games form part of
the curriculum for all students. Our aim is to involve as many students as possible by offering
a wide range of activities, during and after the school day.
There is anextensive range of extra-curricularmatches against other schools,many of themagainst leading independent
schools and played on a Saturday. There are Inter-House competitions in a variety of sports, and a range of extra-
curricular sports clubs, so the great majority of students have the opportunity to be involved in some way.
In recent years there have been sports tours to South Africa, Australia, Canada and Barbados. Each year there is
also a ski trip to either America or Europe.
King’s teams and individuals enjoy considerable local and national success. It is our aim to maintain the strength and
breadth of sport at King’s. We believe strongly that representing the school is a privilege, and our policy is that if an
individual is selected to play for the school, then that represents a priority engagement over other activities.
Isaac Newton’s School
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