Germander Park School Prospectus 2018 - 2019

Key Stage 1 Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development (SMSC) We have high expectations of our pupils and offer them opportunities, which are challenging and stimulating, taking every opportunity to develop their self-esteem. The Values curriculum is a key focus for all SMSC teaching in school and also underpins the children’s understanding of British Values. Work at home Children are encouraged to take their reading books home nightly. They are also encouraged to extend their reading by choosing library books at school. Spelling lists, common words to learn and additional tasks may also be sent home as appropriate especially as children in Year 2 prepare to move on to Junior school. In addition to homework, there are other activities that children can enjoy to extend his/her skills and knowledge, i.e. family visits and outings, going for walks or joining in activities and hobbies - such as Rainbows or Beavers. Parents Evenings & Reports There are at least two parents evenings a year - one in the Autumn term and one in the Spring term to give you the chance to talk to the class teacher and discuss your child’s progress and any concerns you may have. However, if at any time you have a concern about your child, please speak to the class teacher first, as soon as possible, so that these concerns can be addressed. In the Summer term parents are invited to discuss the child's progress, following the annual written reports and the results of the phonics screening tests and teacher assessments. Parental involvement Parents help on a voluntary basis in the school. The main areas of involvement at present, are hearing readers, sharing expertise with art and craft activities, cookery, helping with educational visits. The Headteacher would be delighted to hear from you if you would like to be involved on a voluntary basis within the school. Other Information Role of the Governing Board The Governors work as a team. They are responsible for making sure the school provides a good quality education and raising educational standards in school is a key priority. Governors promote effective ways of teaching and learning when setting the school aims and policies. They do this together with the Headteacher, who is responsible for the day to day management of the school. The Governing Board • is accountable for the performance of the school to parents and the wider community • plans the school's future direction • selects the Headteacher • makes decisions on the school's budget and staffing • makes sure the national curriculum is taught • decides how the school can encourage pupil's spiritual, moral and social development • makes sure the school provides for all its pupils, including those with special needs. The Governors support and challenge the Headteacher and other members of staff by gathering views, asking questions and deciding what is best for the school. Governors are ultimately responsible for how the school is performing. The Governing Board membership is a combination of appointed and elected governors. At Germander Park School the Governing Board consists of: · 2 parent governors · 1 LA governor · 1 Headteacher · 1 staff governor · 2 co-opted governors · 2 partner governors We hope you have enjoyed reading this information about our school. We would be pleased to hear from you if you have any additional questions or comments .