The Peterborough School Curriculum Booklet 2016 - page 4

In its broadest sense the curriculum is everything
that we do at School, both in the classroom and
beyond, including the many clubs and activities
that run at lunchtime and after school, the trips
away at weekends and in the holidays, and the
habits of study and thought that characterise the
School’s ethos.
This broad curriculum contains the values,
attitudes and ethos that make The Peterborough
School unique. These attributes are enshrined in
the over-arching
Peterborough Plus
values: seven
values that define a holistic approach to the pupils
and their education. Amongst other things, these
seven values include
academic excellence
passion for learning
. The academic curriculum
allows all our pupils access to a wide variety of
learning opportunities that promote these core
The academic curriculum builds on pupils’
strengths, interests and experiences. It is
designed so that pupils develop confidence in their
ability to learn independently and collaboratively. It
develops and supports a love of learning and a
commitment to a lifetime of learning. Education
must be about fun as well as serious study;
because enjoyment and success ultimately lead to
more valuable learning.
The academic curriculum equips pupils with the
essential skills of literacy, numeracy and
communications technology, and promotes enquiry
and rational thinking. Pupils receive a balanced
education, giving them opportunities to be creative,
innovative and enterprising in all the major
curriculum and intellectual disciplines. The
curriculum at all stages includes compulsory and
optional subject choices from the creative arts,
science and technology, sports, modern foreign
languages, humanities, mathematics and English.
This curriculum aims to promote pupils’ self-
esteem and emotional well-being, and enable them
to form successful, worthwhile relationships with
others whilst developing their capacity for
The curriculum is flexible and can respond to
national trends or pupil interests if they are in
alignment with our educational principles. We are
committed to a broad and balanced academic and
wider curriculum and a successful blend of
tradition and modernity.
Our main focus is on equipping our pupils with the
skills and attributes that will stay with them for the
rest of their life and equip them to be happy and
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