The Peterborough School Curriculum Booklet 2016 - page 11

Able, Gifted and Talented (AG&T) pupils are
identified via robust evaluation systems that have
been assessed and validated as part of the NACE
Challenge Award. These pupils are encouraged to
enrich and extend their intellectual skills. This may
be through the normal school curriculum, by
personalising and extending learning or by the
many extra-curricular opportunities and provision
we offer or guide pupils towards.
Each year departments review and update a
register on those students who show a particular
ability within their curriculum area. They use
subject specific criteria to help make their
judgements as accurately as possible.
A summary of events relating to AG&T will appear
in the Green Book, including the dates of any
relevant workshops or forums. These are events
focused particularly at engaging AG&T students in
debates on current affairs or topics of interest.
However, we hope that students who have been
identified will be proactive in their approach and
show independent skills to investigate
opportunities that are outside of the school
Within the core curriculum students are given
regular opportunities to complete tasks that will
stretch all abilities. This may be through open
tasks that allow a range of responses, the type of
questions being asked, or by completing slightly
different homework tasks. Finally, it is important to
note that we do not believe ability and potential is
fixed, students should be encouraged to build on
the aptitudes they have already shown.
If your son or daughter is identified as being able in
a subject area you will receive a letter that
identifies which subject(s) this covers. Students
are then able to register with a number of
organisations which exist to provide help, advice,
activity days as well as receiving support and
advice within the school.
Mrs R Bierton
Head of Individual Learning
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