The Peterborough School Curriculum Booklet 2016 - page 10

At The Peterborough School we are highly proud
of our caring and friendly environment. It is the
duty of all staff to support students in their
academic and personal lives. In particular, we
have a strong pastoral network of Form Tutors, the
Head of Sixth Form, Mrs Coles, the Deputy
Headmaster, Mr Cameron and ultimately the
Headmaster, Mr Meadows, who all have pastoral
Mrs Coles is available to support students in all
aspects of their academic and personal
development; they can drop into the office at any
time or make an appointment to discuss various
issues at length. There is a firm commitment to
maintain open links with parents and student
progress is continually monitored.
Each student’s immediate care is the responsibility
of the Form Tutor.
Tutor groups are typically made up of between five
and ten students. Tutors therefore get to know
their tutees very well during their time in the Sixth
Form. Strong links are forged, enabling Tutors to
spot students difficulties early, support them
thoroughly, help celebrate their achievements and
carry out routine administration tasks.
In the Senior School, subject teachers usually
manage academic difficulties. Students will be
guided in their organisation by Tutors and can ask
subject teachers for extended deadlines if they find
it difficult to complete work on time. If students fail
to meet deadlines, or submit inadequate
assignments or work which is clearly below their
usual standard of which they are known to be
capable, their names will be referred to their Form
Tutor, the Head of Sixth Form or the Deputy
Headmaster. Additional support and monitoring
can then be arranged to ensure that each student
fulfils his or her potential during their time at The
Peterborough School.
Students with additional learning difficulties are
supported and encouraged by all staff but with an
oversight by the Individual Learning Department.
We work with students with mild additional needs,
such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD and Asperger’s
syndrome, to enable them to unlock their full
We aim to ensure that all pupils receive the
support they need, when they need it, to make the
most of a broad and balanced programme of study
within the framework or curriculum they are
partaking in.
The department seeks to fulfil its statutory duty
with regard to the Updated Code of Practice for
Special Educational Needs. Pupil Profiles are
prepared for pupils and shared with parents, and
an SEN List recording all the pupils and students in
the school with a recognised support need is kept
to inform all staff.
The Pupil Profile acts as a guideline for staff
concerning the teaching and support of pupils with
special needs across the School. Pupil Profiles are
reviewed regularly by Individual Learning and
Class or Form Teachers. Identification of pupils
with special needs is made as early as possible on
entry to the School by a variety of methods –
Preparatory / Primary school liaison; cognitive
ability testing; monitoring of progress; close liaison
with departments and teaching staff; discussion
with individual pupils and consultation with parents.
Students are encouraged to become independent
and confident lifelong learners by nurturing their
self-esteem and knowledge of themselves as
learners. We work closely with students to identify
their strengths and individual learning styles. We
help them to develop strategies to maximise
success and minimise barriers to learning.
Mrs R Bierton
Head of Individual Learning
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